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Computer Forensics

Cyber activity has become an important part of everyday life of the general public. ~ Importance of computer forensics: • 85% of business and government agencies detected security breaches • FBI estimates that the United States loses up to $10 billion a year to cyber crime History of computer forensics ~Francis Galton (1822-1911) • Made…
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How To Hack Windows XP:

How to Hack Windows XP: Windows XP is an old operating system. In fact, Microsoft stopped issuing updates for thisOS. However, many people are still using XP on their computers. Because this OS won’tget any future updates, its existing vulnerabilities will be forever available to hackers andpenetration testers.This section will teach you how to attack…
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Difference Between Scripting, Markup And Programming Languages

Difference Between Scripting, Markup And Programming Languages Programming Languages A programming language is simply a set of rules that tells a computer system what to do and how to do it. It gives the computer instructions for performing a particular task. A programming language consists of a series of well-defined steps which the computer must…
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