How to Install Tor Browser

How to Install Tor Browser

How to Install Tor Browser

Step 1:Goto browser and search tor project and select the option of download for windows,linux or dos.

Step 2:After downloading tor open it and connect it you can also configure it and set proxy for more security .

Step 3:We should set VPN also for much more security as tor is an anonymous browser and for not to detect by any what we are searching .As tor is a browser by which we be an anonymous for anyone we can search anything which is not available by normal browsers like google, firefox etc. By using We can access dark web sites which is always have the sub domain as .onion .This tor browser is like a real onion in onion their are so many layers like that here there are layers of no of ip so we become anonymous for others what we search in this no one can detect in this history of searching is not generated it is the most secure browser.

Number of free VPN for tor:

  1. Proton VPN
  2. OpenVPN
  3. EExpressVPN

The onion sites are only accessed by tor by using tor we can get so much of information by using it it is legal to use as in this we can see many sites like selling drugs, selling guns and many more.

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