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Computer Forensics

Cyber activity has become an important part of everyday life of the general public. ~ Importance of computer forensics: • 85% of business and government agencies detected security breaches • FBI estimates that the United States loses up to $10 billion a year to cyber crime History of computer forensics ~Francis Galton (1822-1911) • Made…
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DDoS Attack

Distributed denial of service attack in this attack multiple systems which are infected by trojan, are used to target a single system causing a denial of service attack(dos) .By slowloris you can do DDoS attack .As Slowloris is a tool of kali linux . Attacks involving multiple computers or other devices all targeting the same…
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How to install: frycry 4 save point 

How to install: fry cry 4 save point  Hello guys, after the long interval we guys are back with the new awesome trick of fry cry 4 pc and how to save the game. Today we are showing you the best FarCry 4 save point. Farcry 4 is a very popular and addictive game in the world nowadays.…
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